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Every business today should have a Facebook marketing strategy, whether we talk about a restaurant or retail outlet for shoes or an online site promoting some sort of services. There is virtually no limit to how far you can reach out to with Facebook marketing as it is the largest online social portal.

Since the platform is colossal and diverse, it can be tough to determine how your business can reach and have an impact on such a large market. Some companies do not wish to spend much time on Facebook or invest in a good strategy for reaching prospective customers . The conversion rates on Facebook have been embarrassing low and most businesses have a hard time allocating resources to a project with such small reward. Experts understand that advertising using pay per click or pushing links directly to products are not working on Facebook and unlikely to work in the recent future. Applying tradition marketing methods to a new medium has left many businesses empty handed.

Here are a couple of Facebook marketing tips that should help you to not just gain more exposure on the social network but also more customers and increased sales.

The Fan Page

The first step to take is to create a Fan Page. A company can also create a Group Page or a Business Page. Irrespective of the type of page created, the objective must be the same. One must reach out to more people and engage them in various ways to like the company, its products, talk about it and share information about the brand. These are the end goals of Facebook marketing. It is about community before it can be about sales.


Many companies manage to get some followers or fans initially who like the page and visit it for the first few times but later the company misses out on the most important aspect of Facebook marketing; consistent and constant engagement. If there is nothing new on the page then fans will not turn up and gradually the page would die out. Posting offers, discussing new ideas, sharing information that is helpful, raising thought provoking questions and rewarding fans who share their views are just some ways of engagement on Facebook. This is how a company will manage to keep the interest soaring and gain new likes, fans and hence build a solid base of continuous and active fans.


Your fans are the bread and butter of your Facebook marketing campaign and your successes is based on the quality of your followers. Building your fan base must be an integral part of your marketing plan.

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