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Even though in this day and age of modern technology and social media the world is becoming less and less personal, the weight of a friend or acquaintance’s opinion still weighs very significantly. Google’s new innovative social networking system integrates a very dynamic and revolutionary way of combining searching for things on the internet, while combining relevant feedback from people you may know. This feature linked to Google accounts is known as Google +1. This is essentially the Google version of liking something via Facebook, or pinning it on Pinterest. This seal of approval can connote your general pleasure with something or that you think highly of it. A +1 to something on the internet is basically a web version of a thumbs up for all to see.

How many times have you been searching for something on the internet, but all of the reviews, opinions and other general information on something is so muddled and blended together that it all seems to just make no sense? It seems like everyone was paid off by the same random reviewer to either bash everything or write unrealistically hyped articles in praise. Sure, you can pay for premium website access to highly regulated reviews on all subjects, but that is just extra money being spent before you even buy something or use a service. Imagine if in real time you could see what your friends or email contacts thought of something you were looking for. Imagine seeing their digital thumbs up next to a product or service you were on the fence about. This is the basic premise of Google +1.

Google +1 isn’t just for product reviews and services either. It is simply a venue in which to voice a positive reaction or flag your interest in something you’ve come across on your daily web surfing. A funny picture? +1, a hard to believe news story? +1, a cute puppy? Definitely a +1.

Google’s social integration into the web has so far gone heavily underutilized. Imagine mixing the wide reach of Google users to the world of ever expanding social media. That is the intent behind ventures such as this Google +1. It would be really nice to see it take off and make the whole internet a lot more useful, funny, and interesting all at the same time with no extra effort needed. Marketing with Google +1 is a great resource seeing as how if someone you know gave a +1 to a business or product you’ll certainly think if it’s good enough for them then it will surely be good enough for you.



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