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Acquiring Quality ContentThe information you put on your website will make a huge difference between whether or not you generate real traffic, or whether people simply bounce from your site to one that is more user friendly and more informative. There are literally billions of websites on the internet, and people are generally turning to the internet for all of their information. This makes it extremely important to fill your website with quality content that will keep a reader engaged and turning to your site as an expert on a specific topic. This helps to increase Google rankings and traffic which will generate leads, sales, and revenue.

Obtaining Interesting Content:

If you have the time you can certainly write your own content, but be aware this can take a considerable amount of time and take away from other website related tasks. Contracting a writer to supply good, quality content is extremely beneficial, allowing you to focus on the business aspect of managing your websites while somebody else provides valuable content. Creating content that is both easily skimmed and engaging is crucial. Articles in the 600-800 word range provide the best length to be informative and engaging without being too wordy. These will keep readers at your site for longer periods of time and help your website gain better Google rankings.

Finding Writers To Generate Content:

How To Fing Good Web Site ContentDozens of websites are dedicated to matching writers with customers needing content. The quality and prices of the work submitted can vary widely as well as the price you may have to pay.

1. This website is world-renowned and one of the best places to recruit writers for your websites. They offer writers from all over the world and rates can vary, depending on the type of work and the quality of the writing. The downside is that it can be rather expensive, and you can end up paying a lot of money for mediocre work. Also, be sure to request native English speakers, or else you will be bombarded with work that is difficult to understand, reads poorly, and is extremely difficult to edit.

2. Quality of content from can also vary substantially, but you have the option of approving or rejecting work based on the quality you receive. If you don’t have specific standards, you can commission a 500 word article for $3. For writers who have consistently written quality articles, they receive a higher rating and are able to accept work that is considered premier. You can get excellent quality work from premier writers for a lower fee than elite writers. Elite writers are allowed to accept any request, though they typically garner a higher fee than standard writers. You can also send special requests directly to a writer whose work you like.

3. is a marketplace where you can post your request for free. Applicants will apply for the job, and you can filter out and request interviews with writers who seem likely candidates to provide the content you are looking for. The rates are reasonable, and good, quality content is frequently found through this website.

Avoiding Duplicate Content:

Copy-writers OnlineDuplicate content may not matter very much to people who are looking for information. They simply appreciate good information and don’t care if the same content is on your site or ten different other websites. Google rankings, however, will be lower if your website contains duplicate content, and that can be bad for business and generating traffic. One of the benefits of using some writing sites is that content that is not unique enough will be rejected automatically. Articles are passed through Copyscape prior to submission, and content that is too similar to other content will not be submitted. There are other ways, too, to insure your content is unique enough and SEO rich, and working with a good writer who understands your needs and practices will be crucial to avoiding duplicate content.

Avoiding Copyrighted Works:

Copyright infringement can land you huge fines, but there are ways to avoid copyrighted works and keep your business safe from the possible threat of copyright infringement. Again, working with a good writer will be crucial in providing you with good, unique content. Purchasing pictures to put on your website will avoid infringement from photographs, and asking permission to use images or content will protect you from copyright infringement.

Guest Blogs:

Having a guest blog can do a lot to boost your traffic. A well-known blogger can generate a lot of cross-traffic to your website, which is extremely helpful in moving up in your Google rankings. There are a lot of different websites dedicated to guest-blogging and provide suitable writers to direct traffic to your site. offers a variety of bloggers in a wide variety of industries who can help provide relevant information and a good following to your website.

Content Summary:

Generating quality and interesting content to your website is going to make a huge difference in the Google rankings of your site. A good way to find quality content is to hire a writer. There are a lot of different websites dedicated to providing writers for requesters looking for content, and the prices and quality of the content can vary. Working with a good, qualified writer will help insure you get unique content and will help avoid copyright infringement. Finding a guest blog writer can be a good way to generate some cross-traffic, especially when working with a well-known blogger with a good following.

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