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How To Use LinkedIn to Market

When it comes to online marketing, it’s best to take advantage of any resource that’s available to you. Many of these resources allow you to extend your marketing campaign, whether through email or social networking itself.

In fact, social networking is now an intrinsic part of marketing online. Several resources will undoubtedly suggest you bring your marketing campaign to Facebook or Twitter for a boost. If you’re a business minded individual, you may already use LinkedIn for networking.

LinkedIn is a network of professional businesses and individuals listed in an easy-to-use directory. Companies and individuals from all industries and financial backgrounds use the website for job searching and hiring, business-related research, connecting with various affiliates and the aforementioned networking. In other words, LinkedIn is more or less an entire social network for businesses, executives and their workers.

Using LinkedIn with your advertising campaign is much like using a site like Facebook—it works as well as the amount of effort you put into marketing there. If you connect your advertising or marketing campaign through LinkedIn, you’ll get access to an audience within the 65 million users on the website everyday. Starting with a potential audience that large helps you avoid many of the pitfalls involved with advertising or marketing campaign from the start.

You can approach promoting your business through LinkedIn in two different ways. The first approach is passive in nature, one that’s dictated by actually using the website as you normally would. A more aggressive approach, however, involves more effort.

Taking a more direct approach to LinkedIn marketing involves actually pushing past passive interactions on the website. You’ll have to start actively participating in the groups situated on the website, preferably relevant to the interests of your business.

If you become an active participant, you can build a reputation. Once you have a reputation, people will start noticing what you may have to offer in a business context. You can even send invitations to people interested in your work.

If you’re more interest in a passive approach to marketing, you can start by creating a profile. From there, approach the website as if you aren’t making an effort to market through it. In other words, use the website normally.

To keep people interested in your profile, limit your interactions to updating the information and throwing a little conversation in the way of people who stop by. Doing this may help foster connections with an audience, and in turn, net sales for you if they’re interested in your products and/or services.

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