Using Reddit For Marketing

Websites constantly get updated with different content each day—in fact, there’s thousands upon thousands of websites that update each day, every week and throughout the year. With this frequency of updates, many web developers have created different ways to present this content to people browsing the Internet.

This way of organizing web content is known as web syndication. It’s a system that makes web content from various different websites available via a web feed, compiling the content for people to read. These web feeds or aggregators present web content in a summarized format, allowing people to read the headline of any particular content and click-through to the actual web page itself.

Content syndication through a web feed has the potential to draw large amounts of web traffic to a web site. It’s effective to the point of many websites optimizing their web pages to correspond with the elements web feeds use to generate content.

Web feeds have become more popular due to user submitted content. This type of content system gives people an incredible amount of control over the content they want to share with other people, which in turn, may encourage others to visit the linked web page. A popular website that syndicates different types of content of a daily basis is Reddit.

Reddit is a social website where users can register personal accounts. With a registered account, a user can submit any type of content in the form of a link and/or text post. What makes Reddit more unique than other social and semi-anonymous message boards is their rating system. Users can rate posts or comments by ‘up-voting’ or ‘down-voting,’ using the handy icons located at the left hand side of the main post and its corresponding comments. Reddit is essentially a collection of different entries made by the users themselves. It’s a website with its own built-in culture, and admittedly, holds quite a bit of influence in their space on the Internet.

Why can using Reddit for content syndication be a good thing? Reddit is perhaps one of the most visited websites on the Internet. A wide variety of people, who visit the site each day, may see your web content and corresponding website—provided a user is interested enough to link your content.

Websites like Reddit are likely to discourage self advertising in any form, so it’s oft recommended to let the syndication itself naturally happen. If you are, however, lucky enough to have your content syndicated via Reddit, you may experience a sudden upswing in traffic.

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