Turning Social Media Into Sales

Turning Social Media Into Sales

Social media is a great avenue for marketing and to generate eventual sales. However, many companies are yet to realize the potential benefits. With proper thought and an effective marketing strategy, it is easy for a business to make an impact on social media, to get more followers or fans and create brand exposure. However, when it comes to using that same set of followers, fans or connections and converting them to sales, it gets a little tricky.

A company may be engaging enough on social media with its marketing campaigns and perhaps is also getting a lot of traffic redirected to the sales pages but people may not eventually buy what is being sold or sign up for it.

Here is a simple yet effective marketing strategy that should help you to turn social media traffic into sales.


Communication is the crux of social media. It all boils down to how you communicate with your connections, friends, followers or fans. Unless your online posts or social media marketing efforts have a clear message for the target audience, it would fail to generate traffic or to convert that traffic to leads or sales. When a message or post is meant for promotional purposes, there should be a clear call to action. Pushing fans to informational articles can generate more exposure than sending them directly to product pages.

Appropriate Content

Not all products do well in the social media marketplace. It is important to come up with appropriate content in the posts which would suit the target audience. Platforms like Twitter and Facebook send thousands of feeds onto the home page of every user. While browsing down the page, it is easy to miss out on many posts or tweets. Using the same language that your target audience would use or the same captions that they use to look for the products and services would enhance your marketing efforts and it would hit the right people at the right time.

Optimized Landing Page

Social media traffic is mostly redirected to landing pages. These pages must be well optimized, social media integrated and have compelling sales content. It is easy to lose a potential customer right at the time of signing up hence one should focus on this landing page as much as is being focused on how to generate the traffic in the first place.

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