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Benefits Of Twitter Marketing

Twitter has undoubtedly become one of the most popular social networks in the world. Albeit it is a tad different from Facebook, LinkedIn and Google + but it has become as active a platform as YouTube and other search engines. People who use Twitter, and there are several millions using it, hardly check news or mainstream mass media these days. Everything is available on Twitter, from breaking news updates from all around the world to the tidbits about celebrities from the stars themselves and information about everything that matters in the world. Right from the President of the US to an aspiring journalist, the Pope who just joined Twitter a few days back to a farmer in a remote town, the extent of Twitter use is widespread and thus opens up a market that is unprecedentedly huge.

There are several benefits of Twitter marketing for all types and size of businesses. Here are just a few of them.


Small to medium businesses have the single most difficult objective at hand and that is to create brand awareness. Branding is not a concern for large corporations but very essential for small to medium businesses. Without much awareness of a company and its products or services, customers are unlikely to develop any interest in whatever is the offing. Creating a Twitter account, following prominent people and getting followed by users from around the world or from a targeted area can be extremely beneficial for branding. The best part is that all such initiatives do not cost any money but sincere time investments of a businessman or an employee of the company.


With Twitter, you do not have to buy ads, print billboards or even brochures. A business can easily conduct a promotion, offer a link to their website and reach out to all the followers. The even better reward is that these followers would then share the promotion if it is to their liking which will get more people to know about the company, about the promotion and would likely get more followers. More followers would invariably be further branding and greater promotion of the business.

Customer Service

It is hazardous for any company to keep customers’ grievances unresolved and it also threatens to spread quicker than good news or positive feedback. With Twitter, any customer can reach out to the company with his or her grievances and it can be instantly acknowledged and addressed if not fully resolved. The entire damage control becomes easy with Twitter marketing.

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